April 26, 2010

Michael Douglas Seduced at 16

Michaael Douglas is now an elder statesman of Hollywood, but according to a new interview he was at a very young age when he had his first sexual experiences, being seduced two much older friends of his mother.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Douglas describes being 16 when two friends of his mother, each around 30, He declined to say the names of the women because he "didn't want to get them in trouble," and didn't want to alarm his mother, who was still unaware of the incident all those years ago.

In addition to his long and storied career Michael Douglas has always been known for his sexual exploits and was even placed into rehab to get counseling and treatment for sex addiction, back in 1990. But now he seems to have settled down into a stable relationship with Catharine Zeta Jones, so perhaps his story can bring hope to the many younger folks still struggling to find that equilibrium in their relationships.

Michael Douglas Seduced at 16

He may not have starred in "The Graduate," but at 16 Michael Douglas met a real-life Mrs. Robinson -- two, in fact. In an upcoming interview with Elle magazine, the star of "Fatal Attraction" says two of his mother's friends taught him everything he knows about sex. The now 65-year-old actor says the women were both 30 at the time, but he would not reveal their names because his mother, Diana Dill, is still in the dark about the incident. The star of "Basic Instinct" is famous for his sexual exploits on and off screen...

Michael Douglas Seduced at 16

Posted at April 26, 2010 3:07 PM