April 27, 2010

U.S. Missionary Trial News

Trial is about to start in the case of the missionaries in Haiti that were accused of taking children from there to be adopted illegally.

Laura Silsby was one of a group of American women in Haiti after their devastating earthquake, who was helping take kids off of the street and take them out of the country for adoption, but was accused of taking many kids who still had their parents and were being taken against their will and without proper paperwork.

The missionaries say they had no intention of wrongdoing, and any illegal act was a misunderstanding and done by accident. They believed they were simply helping children in need, and in the chaos of the disaster mistakes were made. But authorities are still charging Silsby with "irregular travel" for the attempt to transport these kids to the Dominican Republic.

U.S. Missionary Trial News

The US woman at the center of a major scandal here after she and several fellow missionaries tried to spirit dozens of Haitian children into the Dominican Republic is to be tried in Haiti, her attorney has told AFP. Laura Silsby, one of a group of missionaries from the western US state of Idaho, was detained at the border with the Dominican Republic on kidnapping charges following the devastating earthquake in Haiti. She now will stand trial on the charge of arranging "irregular travel," according to her attorney, Louis Ricardo Chachoutte, who spoke to reporters following a court hearing Monday.

U.S. Missionary Trial News

Posted at April 27, 2010 2:06 AM