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January 24, 2005

More Weak Responses from Hot 97, Sprint..

1/31/05 UPDATE:
Todd Lynn Fired

The truth about the "informed insider" email

watch this page for updates on the story

Hot 97's morning show aired as usual today, with nobody suspended or removed. There was no discussion of the conroversy except a brief apology from Miss Jones, read twice during the four hour show. A taped apology from Program director John Dimick also aired once every hour. Otherwise Miss Jones, Todd Lynn and the rest went on like business as usual. EDIT: My tape didn't catch the apologies, if anybody has the audio please pass it on.

Amazingly, they seem to think this is all behind them now. Just a few insincere half-apologies and we will all go away. I certainly hope we prove them wrong. Hot 97n has now proven they have no conscience or integrity, so it's especially important for us to keep going over their heads, to Emmis corporate and the sponsors. Keep hitting Emmis as hard as we can.

The Here's My Byline blog got a reply from Sprint, about their apparent sponsorship of Hot 97's bigotry.

Sprint claims that Hot 97 "appears to have disciplined the responsible parties," which is not true. No disciplinary actions of any kind have been announced. No, having the staff voluntarily donate some money does not count. Calling that an appropriate "discipline" is insulting.

Any thoughts about this pseudo-response can be sent to James.W.Fisher@mail.sprint.com


* Sprint does NOT have any connection to the Tsunami Song aired on Hot 97 FM.

* Sprint strongly objects to any communication or other effort making light of the devastation of the tsunami disaster. The content of the "Tsunami song" clearly runs contrary to Sprint's commitment to diversity and inclusion, and is not in any way supported or condoned by Sprint.

*Sprint has purchased advertising time on Hot 97 but was incorrectly identified as a sponsor of the segment of the show in which the song was referenced. In any case, Sprint was unaware and had no connection to the content of the "Tsunami Song."

*Sprint has expressed our strong concern about this content to the radio station. The station has issued a public apology and appears to have disciplined the responsible parties. Sprint continually evaluates acceptable content against our own guidelines and we will continue to monitor the process with all outlets in which we advertise.

P.S. While you're here, the best way to show that these people don't represent us is by going to Red Cross and make a donation of our own to help the Tsunami victims.

Posted by jsmooth995 at January 24, 2005 6:33 PM

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