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October 19, 2005

Nas on Jay and 50

Nas keeps repeating the Bentleys and diamonds thing, like Karl Rove just gave him his talking points..

MTV Nas Interview

MTV: You got a record on the streets right now called "Don't Body Yourself." We all know the last verse is for 50 and everyone knows it's only a matter of time before you drop an "Ether"-like record for him.

Nas: Yeah. You know what's the crazy thing about it? I've had times of missing 50. I brought him with me on tour before. He used to open up for me. I showed him his first Bentley. I showed him his first big diamonds in person he ain't know nobody who had real diamonds the size I had. I showed him all that. So I kind of miss the cat from time to time. I would like to know what it is to sit down and talk to him, see what's on his mind. Because all he's showing is that when you get rich, you get angry at the world. And that's not what's it's supposed to be about. I would love to really sit down with him. But on the rap side, we got things to finish. We got business we got unfinished business.

MTV: He's made a cartoon character of you and dissed you on the DVD for The Massacre. On his latest record, "Window Shopper," he calls you a window shopper.

Nas: How am I window shopping? I showed him his first Bentley, his first real diamond ring because you know he couldn't afford no real stuff back then. I was showing him the way to go. The G-Unit spinning chain is a replica of the QB chain. I was showing him that. If anybody is window shopping, it ain't me. All these dudes just started buying Bentleys...

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