January 22, 2010

Meteor Hits Doctor Office! (VIDEO LINK)

A doctor recently had an uncomfortably close run in with some space debris, as a small meteor burst through his ceiling and into his doctor's office!

THe doctor was luckily not in the room when it happened, but came back to his office to find debris strewn everywhere, a mysterious rock substance and a gaping whole in his ceiling. Accordin g to meteor experts interviewed by the Washington Post, the last time someone was actually hit by a meteor was in 1954, "when the Sylacauga Alabama meteorite struck a woman named Elaine Hodges in her hip as she was taking a nap on her own couch. There is a famous Life magazine photo of her, showing a close up of her hip injury."

Meteor Hits Doctor Office! (PHOTO LINK)
washington post

What are the chances of someone getting struck by a meteorite? One doctor recently found out, as he barely mised being in his office when a meteor hit it, sending his office space into disarray. "...Upon inspection, more debris lay inside the room. He saw three chunks of stone on the floor that together formed a rock about the size of a tennis ball, with a glassy-smooth surface. Then he saw a hole about the size of the rock in the tile ceiling, and a tear in the maroon carpet where the rock had landed," writes Paul Duggan of the Washington Post.

Meteor Hits Doctor Office! (PHOTO LINK)

Posted at January 22, 2010 8:00 PM