March 28, 2010

Donald Trump: Jesse James? Foolish

Among the many celebrities weighing in on Sandra Bullock and Jesse James now is Donald Trump, who got to know the now infamous cheater on his reality show Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump often made fun of Jesse on the show, asking what Billock ever saw in him, and he says in retrospect he saw signs that James might not be trustworthy.

According to Trump, although he grew to like Jesse James and thought he was very smart, " "Jesse did something very foolish -- obviously. I think it's very unfortunate. He was a quiet guy, but as the show progressed, you realized that he was very smart and very cunning...Don't underestimate Jesse, he is very deceptive, and what you see is not really what you get."

Bullock and James are n the rocks now after details of his affair broke right after her tremendous Oscar win. She is currently staying with family while he hopes for forgiveness and the public waits for the next chapter of the tabloid drama.

Donald Trump: Jesse James? Foolish

During last season's "Celebrity Apprentice," Donald Trump constantly asked Jesse James, "What the hell does Sandra Bullock see in you? How did you ever get Sandra? You must have something going, but I sure can't figure it out. Maybe you're just good in bed." Ultimately James got fired and it was a nasty scene...

Donald Trump: Jesse James? Foolish

Posted at March 28, 2010 4:40 AM