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August 31, 2004

Buck 65 Hates Hip-Hop?

Transcribed from Kerrang magazine, courtesy of Gumdrops at Okayplayer. I will post without comment.

"I now hate hip hop, the more I've educated myself about music, the more I've grown to hate it. I donít use that word lightly, either."

"The change on the new record is me taking steps to try to be regarded as a proper songwriter and not just someone who writes lyrics. Those efforts could lend the idea that ive commercialised what I do, but when I think of the greatest records I've heard, everything from nirvana to my bloody valentine to miles davis and elvis, there's a lot you can do within the traditional framework of traditional songwriting."

"The people behind hip hop donít know anything about music theory or have any appreciation for other kinds of music outside hip hop. I challenge anyone to show me a case where theres actual musicality."

kerrang: Explain why you Ė a rapper Ėhate hip hop?

"Every genre of music you can think of has more shit in it than it does gold; what I'm thinking about is the fact that I would be surprised if anyone could show me someone who's made a hip hop record who could actually read music."

kerrang: Why should musicians have to be able to read music?

"Because I'm a snob and thatís what I'm looking for and what I appreciate. I'm as elitist a bastard as you could possibly find."

Update: Read Sage Francis' comments here, and Buck 65's apology here.

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