November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods 911 Call (AUDIO)

Tiger Woods has been refusing to talk to authorities about his mysterious car crash, that may or may not have involved an altercation with his wife. But we can hear the audio of the Tiger Woods 911 call the night of his accident.

In the recorded phone call, you hear what seems to be Tiger Woods' neighbor calling in that there has been a car accident and the driver seems to be unconscious. It is difficult to determine from the tape exactly what took place, but you can listen to the 911 call and judge for yourself.

Whatever happened, I'm just glad to know Tiger Woods is okay, and I hope he and his family will have enough time and space to try and work out whatever is going on, so that a car is the only thing wrecked by this situation. Cars can always be replaced! Families, not so much.

Tiger Woods 911 Call (AUDIO)

After giving his side of the car-crash story and asking that it be treated as "a private matter," Tiger Woods is still not in the clear. Troopers arriving at his Isleworth home requesting an interview were turned down for a third straight day, but the Florida Highway Patrol said it will continue to investigate...

Tiger Woods 911 Call (AUDIO)

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