November 30, 2009

Toyota: 3.8M Gas Pedals Disaster!

After announcing a disastrous recall on millions of their new car sales, Toyota is now preparing to replace 3.8M gas pedals, to correct the flaw that made so many of their bestselling cars dangerous to drive.

Toyota was always known as a safe and reliable brand of car, but this recent recall was one of the biggest ever and damaged their credibility for today's drivers who are new car shopping. So Toyota is hoping this repair, making the 3.8M gas pedals shorter so it won't get caught on the floor mat, will help restore car buyers' confidence in their new Lexus and the many other new car deals they will offer in 2010.

Toyota: 3.8M Gas Pedals Disaster!
abc news

Toyota plans to replace gas pedals on 4 million vehicles across America, because the pedals can get stuck in floor mats and cause sudden acceleration, making this the sixth-largest recall ever in the U.S.These repairs are a critical step toward restoring the reputation of Toyota, the world's biggest automaker, after suffering a blow when the recall was announced in September...

Toyota: 3.8M Gas Pedals Disaster!

Posted at November 30, 2009 3:43 AM

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