November 30, 2009

Rocket Man and Spain: Epic Failure

Whoops! An adventurer from Switzerland took an unfortunate dip into the ocean, after trying a craqzy stunt with self-designed jet-powered wingds on his back.

This mad scientist version of pilot Sully Sullenberger was planning to fly from Morocco to Spain, but the rocket man and Spain were just not meant to meet, as his homemade flying gear pooped out 5 minutes into his 15 minute flight, and he plummeted into the Atlantic. Thankfully he was able to be saved and was not seriously injured.

Hopefully this will be a lesson to him, because even though it's a pain to pay all these extra baggage fees now on airline tickets, but taking matters into your own hands is usually not going to work out so well. Just try searching online for better travel agent deals, maybe.

Rocket Man and Spain

A Swiss daredevil went down into the Atlantic ocoean Wednesday after trying to fly from Morocco to Spain with some jet-powered wings strapped on his back. Rescue helicopters successfully pulled him out of the water unhurt. The rather eccentric tourist, Yves, took off from Tangiers but five minutes into his planned 15-minute flight he had to ditch into wind-swept waters...

Rocket Man and Spain

Posted at November 30, 2009 4:36 AM

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