November 30, 2009

'Eloise Goes to Paris' and Uma Thurman

Another children's classic is coming to the big screen as "Eloise Goes to Paris" soon hits theaters, with Uma Thurman front and center in the starring role of nanny for the troublesome Eloise.

The movie is based on the classic 1950s books, that set the lovable girl on adventurous travelogues throughout Europe. This one is based on her trip to Paris, France, and is also shot on location in New York and London. With all the questionable material coming out of Hollywood nowadays, it's nice to see them seking out classic family fare like this too, so we can all enjoy good quality movies together.

'Eloise Goes to Paris' and Uma Thurman

Thurman has signed on to play Nanny in the upcoming Eloise in Paris big screen adaptation of the children's novel series. Variety reports Thurman's Nanny character is the caretaker of Eloise - who is the central figure in the popular children's series by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hillary Knight...

'Eloise Goes to Paris' and Uma Thurman

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