December 25, 2009

Michael Jordan Grocery Store Lawsuit

Michael Jordan is telling his lawyers to call a technical foul on to Chicago area grocery stores for using is likeness to sell their wares without his permission.

Michael says the two stores made it look like he had endorsed their business, but they had gotten no permission and made no payment to him for livcensing and using his image. Particularly problematic was that Jordan's picture was put next to a sale on some steak, and Jordan is well known to own his own steakhouses around town. So they were using his image to compete against his own business!

IS this really a necessary lawsuit, since the money is so little to Jordan and so much to these small local businesses? Who is to say? I guess the answer is some judge in Chicago. Jordan alwyas used to get favorable calls from hometown officials back in the day, we'll see if that works as well in the court as it used to on the court.

Michael Jordan Grocery Store Lawsuit

Michael Jordan is fighting to get $10 Million from two grocery stores, making allegations that they used his identity without permission within their ads that were published within a Sports Illustrated issue that was commemorating the star titled, Jordan: A Hall of Fame Career. He is seeking the amount of $5 Million from each store for false endorsement, consumer fraud, deceptive trade practices and unfair competition...

Michael Jordan Grocery Store Lawsuit

Posted at December 25, 2009 12:00 PM