February 13, 2010

$10 Million Cocaine Seized in Canada

A container that was shipped to Halifax Canada turned out to have somewhat different contest than was listed on its manifest, as investigators discovered it was holding $10 million in cocaine!

The container seemed harmless enough but when it was X-Rayed, it turned out the shipping manifest was false, and actually contained a whopping 440 pounds of cocaine, enough to fuel a whole neighborhood's worth of cocaine addiction and fill the halls of several drug rehab treatment clinics. Canadian authorities did not give an immediate answer for why the package was seized there, instead of the RCMP's usual practice of letting a drug shipment go through to its recipient so they can be apprehended.

Drug addiction is a major problem in many parts of Canada, including the Olympics host city Vancouver which is a port city for numerous drugs. Proper treatment for drug addiction is often a controversial issue in Vancouver where the Hastings and Main area was long known as a haven for junkies.

$10 Million Cocaine Seized in Canada

Canadian border agents seized $10 million worth of cocaine from a shipping container that arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, from Chile. At a news conference, Andrew LeFrank, Nova Scotia director for the Canada Border Services Agency, said the discovery was made Monday after a container was routinely X-rayed to verify the shipping manifest, The (Halifax) Chronicle-Herald reported Friday. "Officers saw that there were six shapes in there that didn't look like they would correspond with what the manifested cargo was supposed to be," LeFrank said...

$10 Million Cocaine Seized in Canada

Posted at February 13, 2010 3:54 AM