February 14, 2010

Laurinberg NC Gunman: Tragedy & Outrage

Outrage in North Carolina as a man followed up on a petty nightclub fight by actually following a participant in the fight to a hospital and shooting him there after he'd been admitted for emergency treatment.

The man, father to one of the women in the fight, allegedly also tried to shoot the victim's girlfriend, according to police who arrested him on the scene. The girlfriend got away, but the main victim is reportedly still in critical condition. With all the issues already plaguing our health cvare and hospital systems, the last ting we need is the risk of gun violence in the medical facility itself, so hopefully security measures will be tightened up in the wake of this outrageous criminal act.

Laurinberg NC Gunman thaindian

The Laurinburg police said that a gunman shot at a patient in NC hospital. The gunman also tried to shoot the patient's girlfriend too, who was present at the hospital. According to the police reports, this shooting was the second part of a fight at a club, on Monday.

Laurinburg police Capt. Kimothy Monroe said that Wayne "Wolf" Simmons came to Scotland Memorial Hospital. Wayne is the father of one of the women who were involved in the fight at the club.

Laurinberg NC Gunman

Posted at February 14, 2010 6:16 PM