February 14, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio Esquire (Photo Links)

Leonardo DiCaprio is looking hot and stylish on the cover of the latest issue f Esquire magazine, where he also gives an in depth interview.

One of the most interesting quotes was his comment on his nude scene with Kate Winslet in Titanic: "Kate Winslet is one of my dearest friends. We have the ultimate trust in each other and the best of intentions for what we want to do. I knew Kate before Sam [Mendes, her husband] even met her. So on the outside, it may seem strange to do a sex scene with a woman while her husband is directing. But it didn't feel that way to me. When the scene was about to start, Kate said, in front of the crew, 'Wait, wait, this is totally weird." She turned to both Sam and I and said, "Are you guys okay?" We both looked at each other and said, Yeah, we're totally fine. She said, "It's even weirder that you're both totally fine.'" For much more, and photos from the magazine, see below.

Read more: http://www.hollyscoop.com/leonardo-dicaprio/leonardo-dicaprio-gets-personal-with-esquire_23006.aspx#ixzz0fbEWCf7h

Leonardo DiCaprio Esquire (Photo Links)

Leonardo DiCaprio has a new movie coming out, which means we are gonna be seeing a lot of him and we couldn't be more thrilled! Leo graces the cover of Esquire magazine, where he talks about his childhood, nude scenes and much more. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On Growing Up:
"The earliest memories I have are jumping up onstage before concerts in downtown L. A. and trying to get on the mic and break-dance, or do imitations of my mother's friends or my father's friends, or be a comic in class. I was the most insane child you can imagine, pretty intolerable to be around. High-octane energy all the time, never wanting to focus on schoolwork."

Leonardo DiCaprio Esquire (Photo Links)

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