February 14, 2010

?uestlove: John Mayer? "benefit of the doubt"

As fans and fellow musicians reacted to John Mayer's controversial Playboy interview, many have criticized and called Mayer out, but some that are friendly with the singer are also being rather charitable in their reactions.

Talib Kweli teased him about putting his foot in his mouth but not evince any serious anger. ?uestlove of the roots, who hangs out and collaborates with Mayer, said he is "giving him the benefit of the doubt", although it is unclear what this means in the context of such blatantly offensive statements as the ones John Mayer let slip in his Playboy conversation.

Mayer has since apologized and does seem to deeply regret his carelessness and "shock jock" approach to interviews and press appearances in recent years. I'd like to see hin also take responsibility for his disrespect of various ex-girlfriends, among numerous other troubling trends in that very long and loopy interview. I think John Mayer is a very talented and bright young man but his perspective on himself is a little warped, and he could use someone to shake him out of his self-absorption.

?uestlove: John Mayer? "benefit of the doubt"

Look for him to continue not address more problematic statements from the interview, in particular the one about his male organ being a "white supremacist'' -- a flippant attempt to explain his dating preferences that takes up the language of dehumanization and reveals a blithe willingness to reinforce any number of stereotypes about sex, race, and desirability. Look for the mainstream media to ignore that comment too...

?uestlove: John Mayer? "benefit of the doubt"

Posted at February 14, 2010 4:47 AM