October 21, 2009

Mandela Foundation Denies He Wrote Foreword

A new book that features a high profile foreword from Nelson Mandela is now causing controversy, as the Mandela Foundation officially denies he wrote the foreword.

The book, by Denis Sassou-Nguesso who is president of the Republic of Congo, is named ""Straight Speaking for Africa," but apparently he wasn't speaking straight when he claimed on the cover that Nelson Mandela wrote the foreword that overflows with praise for Nguesso. Because Mandela denies that he wrote the foreword, or even read or saw the book at all! See below for the details:

Mandela Foundation Denies He Wrote Foreword

A new self-serving book by a central African president lists Nelson Mandela as the writer of the glowing foreword, but South Africa's iconic leader says he never wrote those words... "We condemn this brazen abuse of Mr. Mandela's name," Verne Harris, acting chief executive of the Johannesburg-based Nelson Mandela Foundation, said in a statement Tuesday...

Mandela Foundation Denies He Wrote Foreword

Posted at October 21, 2009 4:04 AM

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