December 22, 2009

Cell Phone Warnings

A top politician in Maine is calling for a new law that warns citizens against the alleged risk of getting brain cancer.

Scientists still disagree about the accuracy of this claim, that the transmissions from the camera may cause cancer in long term usage. But other countries already have such warnings, and other states inclkuding California are already working to implement them in America. THe new regulations would require cell phone companies to provide a warning along with each phone they sell.

I'd also like to spread the word to everyone that talking really loudly on your cell phone in public places causes cancer. (I don't know it that's true, but I want to spread it around anyway.)

Cell Phone Warnings

A Maine legislator wants to make the state the first to require cell phones to carry warnings that they can cause brain cancer, although there is no consensus among scientists that they do and industry leaders dispute the claim. The now-ubiquitous devices carry such warnings in some countries, though no U.S. states require them...

Cell Phone Warnings

Posted at December 22, 2009 4:20 PM

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