May 27, 2010

Bionic heart & Bride (PHOTO)

A 22 year old bride is thanking her lucky stars to have been their for her own marriage, after a bionic heart miraculously saved her life.

The young woman needed the emergency surgery just before her marriage, and benefited from recent advancements in surgery and medical technology that helped her get treatment that wasn't available in the past.

According to the doctor, Smith was very near death when she had the bionic pump installed. "When we first put the pump in, Ally didn't have a pulse," he said. "But now her heart is starting to show signs of recovery." Smith says, "[Mike] told me even if I was on my deathbed, he was still going to marry me. And now I'm 100 percent better than I was a year ago, I mean, I'm normal. I do everything a normal person does."

Bionic heart Bride

Babineaux wouldn't take no for an answer, and next month the pair will have their dream wedding. An implanted mechanical pump that does the work of her faulty heart has led Smith to be dubbed "The Bionic Bride." And though they have a miracle of modern medicine to thank for making their wedding dream come true, Ally and Mike still believe it was love that conquered all. Just before the marriage she was rushed to the hospital and, after a battery of tests, got news that would turn her life upside down. She suffered from cardiomyopathy -- more commonly, heart muscle disease

Bionic heart Bride

Posted at May 27, 2010 2:30 AM