October 26, 2009

Omega-3 Deficiency May Be Hurting Our Hearts

We always heard that fats and oils were bad for us, but lately that advice is changing, and one of the biggest trends in health advice is Omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, recent studies suggest an Omega-3 deficiency may be hurting our hearts.

Omega-3s are found in many fish, and also available in the form of Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements, both as dietary supplement pills and in the form of oil or liquid. It's pretty much universally accepted now that they are important for good health, the only debate is over exactly how good they are. For more info see below. My favorite source of omega-3s is salmon, which is also great as part of a high-protein diet to keep weight down and build muscle. Likewise, any good quality Tonno tuna in olive oil. but the health supplements are often the easiest way to work it into your diet.

Omega-3 Deficiency May Be Hurting Our Hearts

...A growing body of scientific literature touts the benefits of omega-3 supplementation. Studies show that these special fatty acids accumulate in the brain and can aid children with learning disabilities, reduce violence in prison populations, and even improve everyday mood...

Omega-3 Deficiency May Be Hurting Our Hearts

Posted at October 26, 2009 3:52 AM

I cite the imbalance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids as one of the eight reasons why Americans are overweight and unhealthy in my new book. The typical American consumes a diet rich in omega-6 oils and deficient in omega-3s in a 20-30 to 1 ratio, which should be more in line with a 2-4 to 1 ratio. The anti-fat propagandists including the giant vegetable oil manufactures, started replacing saturated fats with processed vegetable oils loaded with omega-6 and trans fats approximately 60 years ago. These same food processors warned against the dangers of cholesterol found in butter and convinced Americans to consume margarine by the truck load. Americans need to wake up and educate themselves on which fats are truly important and which are dangerous, and how they work to keep us healthy.

Dr. Sardone

Author of The Naked Truth: Overweight, Overwhelmed and Confused

Posted by: drardone at October 26, 2009 9:18 AM

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