December 29, 2009

Anthrax, UNH New Hampshire Scare!

A woman in New Hampshire was exposed to the deadly bacteria known as Anthrax this weekend, after somehow coming into contact with it at the University of New Hampshire.

The woman was at the drum club at UNH apparently, when she came in contact with the anthrax. Authorities are studying how she may have come into contact with the deadly substance, which was infamously used for a terror campaign soon after 9/11, with envelopes claiming to have the deadly substance, being sent to many prominent places.

As hazmat teams scoured the area, experts said anthrax usually comes from animals, and in this case may have been spread from an African drum at the dum club. Said one expert, ""[The bacteria are] so small they can be aerosolized. They can go into the mouth and someone can be so unlucky to swallow them..."

Anthrax, UNH New Hampshire Scare!
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A New Hampshire woman is in critical condition after contracting a deadly form of bacterial anthrax. Doctors believe the woman, from Strafford County, came into contact with the bacteria at a drum club just off of the University of New Hampshire campus Durham. They are now searching for the source...

Anthrax, UNH New Hampshire Scare!

Posted at December 29, 2009 3:44 PM