December 21, 2009

Kidnapped Pilot Case

Robert Wiles is a Florida pilot that's been missing for almost a year, but the FBI is just now finding solid leads in the case of the allegedly kidnapped pilot.

Authorities say they have at least one suspect, and many leads spread across different cities and countries, but are holding back all of the information they have gathered, hoping to keep getting new clues. The family said they are still hoping the kidnapped pilot is alive, and that the FBI's new leads will lead to him coming home safe and sound.

It is believed whoever did this knew a lot about the victim, and may have been known to him or his family or associates.

Kidnapped Pilot Case

After almost 10 months, the FBI has zeroed in on a suspect in the case of missing Florida pilot Robert Wiles, who may have been kidnapped for ransom... Agents say they've tracked down leads in nine U.S. cities and as far away as Thailand where National Flight Services also does business. The Ohio-based company services aircraft in 50 countries and has been in business since 1972...

Kidnapped Pilot Case

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