February 24, 2010

Blake Robbins Is a Sophomore at Harriton High School

America is talking about Blacke Robbins, the sophomore at Harriton High School who his
parents say got spied on by his school, through unethical use of the webcam on his Macbook Pro computer.

Blake's school gave out 2,300 laptops to their students, that were each equipped with the ability to remotely turn the webcam on, which was meant as a security measure.

But after school officials confronted Blake with photos that supposedly showed him using drugs, it became apparent that the school may have been misusing that webcam power to spy on kids while they were at home.

Blake and his parents say the "drugs" he was supposedly busted with were actually the illicit substance known as Mike & Ikes, which are sorta addictive and poisonous to your teeth, but not illegal for kids!

Blake's Parents are now taking his school system to court, for their unethical usage of the Macbook pro's webcam, taking a program meant to increase computer literacy and move kids into the 21st century, and misusing it to spy on kids in thier own homes via the internet.

Blake Robbins Is a Sophomore at Harriton High School

The parents of Harriton student Blake Robbins filed a complaint in federal court last week alleging that the school spied on him at home. The family claims that the sophomore was confronted by an assistant principal about using drugs when, his lawyers assert, he was in fact ingesting Mike and Ike candies. The laptop-in-every-lap program began two years ago at Harriton and this academic year at Lower Merion. Why did the district hand out MacBooks like so many No. 2 pencils? Because it could...

Blake Robbins Is a Sophomore at Harriton High School

Posted at February 24, 2010 4:57 AM