February 25, 2010

George Clooney's Villa in Italy (NEWS, PHOTOS)

Rumors were flying this week about George Clooney selling his Villa in Italy but according to the actor, social activist and real life Most Interesting Person in the World himself, Clooney's villa is not on sale at all.

His older home in question is Villa Oleandra, in a very small town named Laglio with less than a thousand people.

But he recently got a new palatial estate in a different part of Italy so people were wondering if his older Italian real estate might be going on the market. But Clooney has put the kibosh on that story.

In a statement from his reps, Clooney set the record straight: "A story saying that George Clooney was sellig his Italian home in Lake Como and was going to by a home in Loreto Island, which is near Lake Como, has been republished in one form or another by various outlets. According to Clooney, 'To complete the news cycle. I'm not buying an island and am not selling my house in Italy. The story was made up...then picked up...and now denied...end of another day of false news."

George Clooney Villa News

Actor George Clooney recently purchased a palatial 18th-century home in northern Italy. Villa Oleandra is located in Laglio, a hamlet of about 900 residents. Today's latest was that Clooney was selling his mansion at Lake Como in Italy. The story was picked up in a lot of newspapers, including here. Some sites said David Beckham was going to buy it. Read one of those, here. The problem is, it's simply not true, says Clooney...

George Clooney Villa News

Posted at February 25, 2010 4:15 AM