December 23, 2009

911 for Video Game Emergency?

A mother in Boston was so frustrated with her son's video game habit that she finally just called 911 on him, according to the local news. And the cops came through and made hi to go to bed!

The 14 year old boy was still playing Grand Theft Auto at 2:30 in the morning and refusing to stop, so the desperate mom called in the cavalry, dialing 911 to see if some police officers could talk sense into him. Then the little boy shot their police helicopter out of the sky and ran in the street to steal another car...oh no wait that's just what happened in his video game. In real life the cops showed up and gave the boy a good talking to.

Though this is not a proper usage of 911, the cops evidently had mercy upon the mother and decided to help her out anyway, talking to the boy and convincing him to call it a night. Video gamme addiction and obsession is becoming a problem for millions of Americans, and this is yet another sign that it might be out of control. truth be told, I once had my dad call the cops on me for a really heated game of minesweeper. See below for more details on this news story:

911 for Video Game Emergency?

Police say a frustrated Boston woman called 911 to say she couldn't get her 14-year-old son to stop playing video games and go to sleep. Police spokesman Officer Joe Zanoli said Monday the mother called for help around 2:30 a.m. Saturday to say that the teenager also walked around the house and turned on all the lights. Two officers who responded to the house persuaded the child to obey his mother...

911 for Video Game Emergency?

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